Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities

Art: During Art Classes, the children learn to express themselves creatively using a variety of different mediums: color pencils,
paint, brushes, clay, crayons, and felt pens, paper: to teach the child how to care for them.

Music: During the music lessons, children are involved in movement, singing and playing of various rhythm instruments.
Children are very open to learning the techniques of instruments such as: piano, violin, clarinet etc.

Foreign Language: Children from 18 months are exposed to Spanish as a foreign language. It is believed that the younger a
child is when they are exposed to new language; the easier it will be for them to learn, thus making the acquisition of a new
language more achievable.

Computer: Children learn to develop their computer skills along with the fundamental concepts that are taught in a Montessori classroom. The software helps to build reading, math, language, and geography and science skills. Each software activity has multiple levels so that the programs can progress from simple to complex at a pace that suits the child.

Movement: Physical exercise is crucial for both adults and children. WMA includes a gymnasium where the children participate in different activities such as the parachute, ribbons, hula-hoops, jump ropes, and ball games. Daily outdoor playtime is scheduled for each class. Rainy day activities are provided in the gym. These activities build on hand-eye coordination and motor skills.